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  • YouTube Music launches Recap 2022 with custom stats

    Following last year’s first annual roundup and subsequent seasonal ones, YouTube Music is starting to unfold Summary 2022 today. Update 11/30: The updated “Recap” page — which is available on YouTube for Android/iOS by tapping your profile avatar — for 2022 starts with a “Watch Now” button that launches the story viewer. There is a […]

  • Apple AirPods Sale 2022: Buy them at a major discount at Amazon

    Scroll to see more images If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an affiliate commission. Ring in the holidays with an offer that will bring music to your ears. Right now, you can buy a pair of AirPods on Amazon for $60 off. As […]

  • Oscar: Antoine Fuqua’s “Emancipation” with Will Smith, Ben Foster

    Will Smith is between a Chris Rock and a hard place. Speculation about Apple Original Films’ “Emancipation” and Smith, its star and producer, has been the talk of awards season and the bane of chart-topping awards prognosticators. Will the voters accept the epic? Can I or should I? After slapping the comedian at the 94th […]

  • 50 Inspirational and Funny Dinosaur Quotes to Make You Roar

    Let out a primal roar with these inspirational and funny dinosaur quotes. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? The T-Rex is the most famous dinosaur, but children all over the world are excited to learn about dinosaurs. The study of dinosaurs benefits mankind in many ways. Much of our collective understanding of the theory of evolution and […]

  • Twelve South HoverBar Tower – Review

    Twelve South released a hit with it HoverBar Duo stand for iPad and iPhone and the evolution of the series began with HoverBar tower. We tested the new iPad floor stand, which offers the flexibility to put the tablet in the right position for almost any use case. Features HoverBar Tower Hold your iPad hands-free […]

  • Embark on an open-world dress-up adventure in Infinity Nikki

    Fashion-savvy, Nikki has long flaunted her style in a variety of titles, including Shining Nikki, Miracle Nikki, and Nikki UP2U World Traveler, but has yet to venture beyond iOS and Android. Well, she’s about to embark on her biggest journey yet, as Papergames has announced Infinity Nikki, an open-world, cross-platform dress-up adventure game. You read […]

  • Camila Cabello cut her hair into a cool wolf cut

    If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an affiliate commission. We told you in May 2021 about TikTokers who were cutting their ponytails in search of the perfect haircut. It didn’t always work out so well. Luckily, hairstylists are pros at what they call […]

  • The Valo Hyperfoil has been unveiled as a 58 MPH electric hydrofoil jetski

    It’s an exciting time for personal watercraft enthusiasts looking to trade a powerful engine for the instant (and quiet) power of electric motors. The latest electric jet ski to make noise is the Valo Hyperfoil. Technically speaking, it’s not actually a jet ski, and it doesn’t make much of a splash either. “Jet Ski” is […]

  • Hollywood Should Leave Dead Actors Alone (Guest Column)

    When “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” opened recently, audiences didn’t see a reanimated Chadwick Boseman. Instead, the title character’s sister, played by Letitia Wright, took on the superhero role. The technology was there for a digitized Boseman to reprise his famous 2018 turn — but allowing a new live actor to fill the role was the […]

  • Shoe quotes for true shoe lovers

    If you are obsessed with shoes and love to read quotes about shoes, we have something to share with you. Here, we have collected the most interesting and popular quotes related to shoes. So all you shoe lovers, be prepared to find perfect shoe quotes. You can use these quotes while expressing your deep adventure […]

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