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  • Music streaming is fair to both consumers and artists – watchdog

    Songwriters and musicians have long argued that streaming music treats them unfairly, with smaller artists earning small sums. But a UK competition watchdog has ruled that the streaming music industry is fair to both artists and consumers… background Music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music are reaching deals with record labels for a revenue […]

  • How to delete LinkedIn accounts

    LinkedIn is, at its core, a social networking platform for industry professionals in a wide variety of sectors. It’s a place to connect with people you’ve met at events or to strengthen relationships with colleagues, make new connections, and more. However, if you decide it’s not the platform for you or think it’s time to […]

  • We asked 17 drink pros: What’s the best after-dinner drink?

    Dessert may be some people’s favorite course, but here at VinePair, we believe the best way to end a meal involves a drink or two. From cocktails and cordials to wines and digestifs, the act of consuming drinks after dinner is a long-standing tradition. And thanks to the rise of craft cocktails and the resurgence […]

  • Another US state adds discount on electric bikes, up to $1,700 off electric bikes

    E-bikes are quickly proving to be one of the best ways to get drivers out of the car while providing fast and efficient personal transportation. And rebate programs that help lower the cost of expensive e-bikes are now more affordable than ever. While a national e-bike subsidy seemed likely last year, it faltered before the […]

  • Oscar-nominated chocolate set for Miramax’s reboot of the series, Mediawan

    “Chocolat,” the Oscar-nominated film starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp, is set for a TV reboot with Miramax TV and Mediawan-owned Atlantique Productions on board. The two companies have teamed up to jointly develop a French-language adaptation of the “Chocolat” series. Released by Miramax in 2000, the film was based on the books by Joanne […]

  • Cyber ​​Monday live Apple deals for 2022: iPads, Apple Watch and more

    Cyber ​​Monday is now here at 9to5Macand our team at 9to5Toys has been working around the clock to bring you all the best deals. Through the week of Thanksgiving, we will deliver all the most notable discounts on Apple devices, home goods, fashion and more. As always, the major players will be in the spotlight […]

  • Elemental Warfare Codes | The pocket tactic

    November 29, 2022 We have updated this guide with the latest Elemental Warfare cheats Roblox can take you anywhere, and one thing we all love to do is explore the great outdoors. Well, if you can imagine the wonderful trees and forests of the world, but then add magical powers and the threat of death […]

  • Tesla updates mobile app with good feature for lazy owners and more

    Tesla has released a new update to its mobile app that adds a nice feature for lazy owners like me and a change to the back that hints at an upcoming feature. Back in the day, Tesla owners had to get into their vehicles to initiate a software update. Tesla will send a notification through […]

  • Red carpet, Beetlefilm, Ilmatic Film Group team at “Resvrgis”

    Rome-based Ilmatic Film Group (“Santa Lucia,” “Fourth Grade”) has teamed up with Red Carpet-ILBE Group and Beetlefilm to co-produce “Resvrgis,” the upcoming genre feature from director Francesco Carnesecchi. Revealed during the March Me! from Locarno, the project won a place at the BIF Market in Brussels. Ilmatic Film Group is also handling international sales and […]

  • Apple @ Work Podcast: Sharpen tries to provide a free and fast way to learn

    Apple @ Work is brought to you by Mosyle, Apple’s only unified platform. Mosyle is the only solution that fully integrates 5 different applications on a single Apple platform, allowing businesses and schools to easily and automatically deploy, manage and secure all Apple devices. More than 32,000 organizations use Mosyle solutions to automate the deployment, […]

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