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  • Unleash the beast in you with these 10 tips

    Discover how to unleash your inner beast to achieve the success you want. There is a beast inside you and it is waiting for you to release it. This beast wants to express its personal power and strong power. To me, the beast is a quality of being: My beast zone is when I can […]

  • Eufy cameras were caught sending local images to the cloud

    Home security cameras have improved a lot in recent years, but the security of your footage has always been a concern. Anker’s Eufy brand claims to preserve local data, but a security researcher revealed that claim is far from true, footage not only goes to the cloud, but remains viewable even after it should have […]

  • Where is the Zelda Twilight Princess Switch port?

    If you’re still waiting for The Legend of Zelda: Princess Twilight Switch port, I don’t condemn you. It’s a beloved game, unfairly hijacked by Nintendo’s most successful console in years. With rumors of a port swirling since at least 2019, everyone is still wondering where it is – or if it even exists at all. […]

  • Tula’s Brightening Serum fades dark spots and is on sale right now

    If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an affiliate commission. Sorry, moisturizer. In our humble opinion, serums are the GOAT of skincare products. Not only do they give your skin an ethereal cosmic glow, but these products also tackle some of your most annoying […]

  • ‘The Boys’ star Karen Fukuhara talks about playing ‘The Callisto Protocol’.

    Developed by Striking Distance Studios, “The Callisto Protocol” is a survival horror game set in the Black Iron Prison on one of Jupiter’s moons, Callisto. Players assume the role of an inmate named Jacob Lee, played by “Transformers” and “Shotgun Wedding” actor Josh Duhamel. He meets Dani Nakamura, the leader of a resistance group called […]

  • Ask for help using these 5 best practices

    As a psychologist, I know how many people have waited to come to therapy because they didn’t want to ask for help. They convinced themselves that they should have solved all their problems without anyone’s help. However, the truth is that we all need help, myself included, and the most powerful thing we can do […]

  • How to find your year in review

    Apple Music Replay is one of the most anticipated releases by Apple Music users every year. It gives subscribers the ability to see an entire year in review of their listening habits, with top songs, albums, listening stats and more. This year, Apple has some updates in the store to help improve the Apple Music […]

  • Our Favorite Mario Figures | The pocket tactic

    We all love Mario figures. There’s no better way to show your love and connection to Nintendo’s installer mascot, from lego versions for the long game to those fancy people you never want to take out of the box. However, with so many mustachioed plumber variations to choose from, it can be hard to find […]

  • This viral TikTok face mask makes your skin super glowy and is down to $14

    If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an affiliate commission. If we had to come up with one mantra to sum up our skin goals, it’s shine big or stay home. We are more than ready to shine and achieve a healthy, dewy complexion […]

  • Have a ball this holiday season with BuzzBallz

    In 13 years, the forward-thinking pre-mixed cocktail brand BuzzBallz managed to create a product as bold and refreshing as its name, long before unique cocktails were in vogue. With a 15% ABV and unique spherical packaging, perfect for beach days and holiday stocking fillers alike, the woman-owned company has become the best-selling single-serve cocktail brand […]

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