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9/21/2009 IRS 501(c)(3) Status obtained.

The IRS has approved our request retroactively to April 6, 2009.  All donations to the Santa Ana Pollice Foundation are tax deductable.  (We recommend consultation with your tax advisor).


Tri Fold Printable Brochure on Home Page

You can click on the Tri Fold Brochure link on the home page and have access to the latest tool for sharing the Foundation with colleagues.

Foundation Organization Chart uploaded.

We’ve uploaded the latest Organization Chart for the Foundation.  Click into the Officers/Board of Directors section or here.  Where do you see yourself?  Call Bill.

Website Launched

Welcome to your website.  This is where you will make a direct, tangible contribution to Santa Ana.  Above, we have selection icons to address your interests.  We are under construction and request your indulgence with regard to minor misspellings, broken links, etc.   Bookmark the page and explore it.  You will see dramatic changes, almost daily, for the next few weeks.  Input?   [email protected].