Centennial Park


Preparations of facility by SAPDF for Police Training:


  1. Identified and coordinated removal of
    1. several roll up doors
    2. piles of debris
    3. unsafe large training structures (continuing)
    4. soiled material storage
    5. rotted fire hoses/equipment
    6. misc. unsafe racks and exercise equipment

Note:  Three 40-yard waste containers and two dumpsters were filled to capacity; a fourth is in process

  1. Coordinated with vendors/agencies removal of:
    1. illegal firework storage
    2. hazardous (due to live fire training scorch)
      1. conex box
      2. dumpster
    3. conex box (in process), Fire Marshal
    4. antique fire truck (in process), SAUSD
    5. other equipment from bungalows & conex boxes, SAC
    6. inoperable vending machines
    7. old chairs / volumes of surplus equipment, furniture & fixtures


  1.  Coordinated with city departments/substantial volunteers:
    1. a.      Repair of 
      1.  parking lot lights
      2.  sweeping/cleaning lot
      3.  deep cleaning restrooms
      4.  repair of HVAC air flow routes
      5.  ceiling tile replacement
      6.  installation of ladder
      7.  painting all steps / landings
      8.  light ballasts


  1.  Recondition Bungalows (North and South)
    1. ceiling tile full replacement
    2. inoperable fire system removed
    3. cleaning
    4. painting
    5. HVAC system reworked
    6. major chair renovation


  1. Foundation paid for
    1. update and transfer of alarm system
    2. repair of female restroom roof failure
    3. oversight / management / volunteer management
  1. Obtained donations:
    1. landscaping, new hedges; Midori
    2. conex box on-site rearrangement; Western Box
    3. structure dismantling; McCall Construction
    4. waste removal, 40-yard bins; Waste Management
    5. tables / chairs; ehs International, Inc.
    6. security camera system; Force Electronics